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An alternative solution when you need help with sensitive sexualized violence reporting

Welcome to the Langara College Sexualized Violence Reporting

What’s ConfidenceLine?

ConfidenceLine has been selected by Langara College for students to report sexualized violence or misconduct. Students can confidentially report an incident that occurred on or off campus.

Is it secure?

Yes. ConfidenceLine offers a secure reporting communication process that allows for direct and confidential communication between you and an Office of Student Conduct, Accountability and Support (SCAS) staff member. You can choose to identify yourself or you can choose to remain anonymous.  

How can I submit a report?

Submitting a report is easy:

1) Select the button above

2) Select the "Continue to Create a Report" button at the bottom of the screen.  

3) You will be provided with a Username. 

4) Create a Password.

5) Fill out the form with only information that you feel comfortable sharing.

6) Select "Send Report" once you are completely satisfied with your report.

Important: write down the Username and Password provided so you can log back in and update your file or view communications from the SCAS staff member reviewing your report.


What if I make a mistake?

You will be able to make changes to the final report before submitting it.

Will someone other than an SCAS staff member receive this report?

No.  The report is not forwarded to any individuals involved and only an SCAS staff member will be able to view it.

I no longer see my report, what happened?

For security purposes, there is a sixty-minute inactivity time limit. Should this occur, please start the process from the beginning.

Is there somewhere I can send supporting documents?

Yes.  You can upload your documents directly when you log on.  Or you can forward them to any of the following areas by:

Important: Please ensure your documents are marked "Confidential" and include your Username provided on the documentation.  Documents will not be updated to your file unless your Username is included. 

I still have questions; how can I contact a ConfidenceLine representative?

If you have any questions regarding the ConfidenceLine service, you may contact the administration team at 1-800-661-9675 or via email at

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